Roblox Wacky Wizards All Ingredients & Their Locations

The ingredients are the main assets in the Roblox Wacky Wizards game because to brew a new potion, you will need all the required ingredients first. So in this post, we will let you know about all the ingredients and their locations that are available in the game.

Wacky Wizards All Ingredients List

There is a total of 48 ingredients that you can use to brew new potions and pets in the “Roblox Wacky Wizards” game, including you also. However, game developers add new ingredients with every new game update. We will keep this list updated when new ingredients will add up in the game.

Ingredient NameLocation
Air StrikeThis premium ingredient need 650 Gems
Alien ParasiteComplete the Alien Quest [Watch Video]
AxolotlFound underwater cave near the waterfall [Watch Video]
BirdForest area (On a large tree)
ChameleonForest area (On a tree limb)
Cooked TurkeyFire 20 Turkeys with the cannons and send them back to the mainland. [Watch Video] for more info.
CornSolve The MAZE Puzzle [See Here]
Disco BallComplete the Club Quest [Watch Video]
EggcanoComplete Volcano event [Watch Video]
FishFound underwater cave near the waterfall [Watch Video]
FedoraCan be found at the Goblin’s Village [Watch Video]
FrogComplete the Goblin Village Quest [Watch Video]
Frozen EggThis premium ingredient need 750 Gems
GhostComplete the Ghost Hunter Quest [Watch Video]
GunReach Level 9 To Get Gun Ingredient
Hat of GearsThe premium ingredient need 1,300 Gems
HoneyGet it from the Queen Bee’s Hive
DynamiteUnder the desert train tracks bridge
Chilli 🌶Desert underground (Near the alone cacti) See Video
Cow HatGet it from a crazy old man near the lake
BeansComplete the Beans quest new the Volcano
Boxing Gloves Complete the Witch & Wizards quest
Cleetus’s HatFound in the Wizard’s Cave near the rock mountain
Cyclops EyeSlay the Mr. Rich boss
Foryxe’s HeadThe cave behind the waterfall
Jandel’s HeadNear the cacti of the Witch’s Cave
Jayingee NoteFound in the Spider Cave
JustinHead over the large tree and look out for bushes wall
Magic SeedThis premium ingredient need 1,500 Gems
Mariofly5 MaskCan be found at the Goblin’s Village just behind the rock
MountThis premium ingredient need 3500 Gems
Mr. CauldronThis premium ingredient need 3,000 Gems
Nexure’s HeadFound in the Wizard’s cave, near the huge tree
Nomer’s HeadFound in the desert on top of a cactus
Pet TagsComplete the Cave quiz [Watch Video]
PremiumsaladForest (On top of a tree in the forest)
PumpkinCollect Candies
RobuxBy slaying the Mr. Rich boss
SketchNear the waterfall next to pink kelp
Sleepy BeeGet it from the beehive in the forest
Superhero CapeThis premium ingredient need 2100 Gems
SpiderIn the spider cave [Watch Video]
Undead SkullDefeat zombies from all graveyard location
Void StarFound right next to Dumpster Diver Dan
YouShrink yourself while standing on top of your cauldron using a Shrink Ray potion.
Walking CaneComplete the Oz’s quest by bringing wallet to him [Watch Video]
WheelThe premium ingredient need 2,300 Gems
Witches BrewComplete the Witch’s quest [Watch Video]
Zeus BeardThe premium ingredient need 2,000 Gems

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