All Grounded Underwater Tools Recipes

This article contains a complete list of Tools And Gears Recipes that can be used Underwater in the Grounded game. All these tools have plays an important role in the underwater places of the game. In this article, you’ll get the tools list, how to get them, and their ingredients. Most of the ingredients are underwater items, we’ll also tell you the locations of such items. So, lets begin with the recipes.

Grounded Underwater Tools List

Here is the list of all important tools that’ll help you underwater in the Grounded game…

Grounded Underwater Tools List
  • Pebblet Dagger
  • Fin Flops
  • Bubble Helmet
  • Gill Tube
  • Bone Dagger
  • Bone Trident
  • Slime Lantern

Grounded Underwater Tools Recipes

Below are the recipes of the underwater tools and how to get these recipes…

Pebblet Dagger Recipe

This dagger is useful in cutting the grass and fight enemies underwater. To get this recipe, analyze the lilypad wax. For crafting of the dagger, collect the given items…

  • Pebblet x2
  • Crude Rope x2
  • Lilypad Wax x2

Fin Flops Recipe

These Fin Flops will help you to swim faster in the water. For this recipe, go underwater and collect some Water Boatman Fins. Analyze these fins at the field stations to obtain the fin flops recipe. You’ll also need the following items to make this tool…

  • Water Boatman x4
  • Eelgrass Strand x2
  • Lilypad Wax x2

Bubble Helmet Recipe

Bubble helmet is a useful gear that allows you to remain 175 seconds underwater. This recipe can be obtained by analyzing the Sunken Bone. When you get the recipe, collect the given items to craft it…

  • Eelgtrass Strand x4
  • Sunken Bone x5
  • Silk Rope x4

Gill Tube Recipe

This tube will allow the player to remain for 80 seconds in the water. To craft this tube, collect the given items…

  • Eelgtrass Strand x4
  • Lilypad Wax x2
  • Silk Rope x4

Bone Dagger Recipe

This tool allows the player to kill the target or enemy in a few time. To obtain this recipe, analyze a sunken Bone and collect the following items…

  • Sunken Bone x2
  • Silk Rope x2
  • Diving Bell Spider Chunk x2

Bone Trident Recipe

The Trident is an important tool because it allows the player to fight underwater with various threats. Analyze the sunken bone to get this recipe. To craft the trident, collect the items given below…

  • Sunken Bone x3
  • Silk Rope x3
  • Diving Bell Spider Chunk x3

Slime Lantern Recipe

This Lantern is a good option to explore the pond depths. For the recipe, collect a lilypad wax and analyze it. You’ll need the following items to craft this recipe…

  • Slime Mold Stalk x4
  • Eelgrass Strand x4
  • Lilypad wax x4

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