Where To Find Koi Fish Scale & Sunken Bone in Grounded

Here is another article related to the Grounded game in which we’ll discuss two important items, which are Koi Fish Scale and Sunken Bone. These two items are important ingredients in many recipes and also unlock some recipes. In this article, you’ll get all armor and tools recipes that you can craft the Koi Fish Scale and Sunken Bone. Our main motive behind making this article is that it is very difficult to find these two items. I hope that this post will help you in getting the fish scale and Sunken Bone.

Here are some items that you’ll need to get these items…

  • Slime Mold Torch or lantern
  • Shovel

The torch will help you in making things visible underwater and the shovel will dig out the bones and fish scale.

Koi Fish Scale and Sunken Bone Location On Map


Firstly, visit the pond near the Oak Tree. When you reach there, go to the location shown on the map and dive into the water from there. You can use the oxygen bubbles coming from the cracked pipe to maintain the oxygen level in your body. There is a T-Rex toy and a light at the depth of the pond. When you reach there, you’ll get a task “Explore the Depths” that is related to the Pond Lab.

T- Rex In Grounded
T- Rex In Grounded

To Find the Sunken Bone and Fish Scale, turn on the torch or the slime lantern. You’ll find some fish scales and bones nearby the T-Rex and the light. There is a way on the left side that leads to the hidden pond lab. Some bones are also found on that way, but you need to have a Gill Tube or the Bubble helmet. When you find enough Bones and Koi Fish Scale, you can craft many underwater items with them.

Koi Fish Scale Armor Recipe

You can craft a strong armor with the fish scales that help you to defend yourself from different enemies. First, the player must collect a Koi Fish scale and analyze it to get all the following recipes. After that, collect the given items to make the armor…

  • Koi Scale Helmet – Diving Mask x1, Diving Bell Spider Silk x3, Eelgrass Strand x2, Koi Fish Scale x2, Lilypad Wax x2
  • Koi Scale Chestplate – Cattail Fluff x3, Eelgrass Strand x3, Koi Fish Scale x5, Lilypad Wax x3, Sunken Bones x2
  • Koi Scale Greaves –  – Cattail Fluff x2, Eelgrass Strand x2, Koi Fish Scale x3, Lilypad Wax x1, Flippers x1

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