Anime Dimensions Characters & Costumes Tier List

The “Roblox Anime Dimensions” has lots of in-game characters and costumes, where costumes help players to customize their character’s looks. However, each character has different powers and unique abilities. Every player has a default character when they play the game for the first time. In my case, it was “Roku” which has 4 different abilities.

Players can also purchase new game characters from the shop with Gems which is an in-game virtual currency. However, you can also use Anime Dimensions Codes for free gems and gold boost to unlock a new game character.

How-To Get Free Gems & Gold?

There are two main methods to earn free gems and gold in the Anime Dimensions game. The first one is daily login rewards and the second is the above-given codes. But there is another method for free gems and gold which is the in-game gems portal.

Open up the game and search for light pink color circular portal with written “Free Gems / Gold“. Go there and then the portal will teleport you to the other Anime Dimensions world. Where you can claim free gems and gold every 5 minutes you stay there.

So this is all about Roblox Anime Dimensions Codes and for more information, please visit its developer’s official “Twitter” account @coolbullsAS

All Anime Dimensions Characters Tier List

CharacterMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4PriceTier
Alturia AlterVile SlashBrust AirSword of VictoryExcalibur Morgan1600 GemsA Tier
AlturiaCross SlashFlying SlashMana BrustExcalibur1600 GemsB Tier
AkumaDrive KickSpinning BlazeAdolla BrustAssist: Adolla Brust600 GemsC Tier
AsanaLinearStar SplashFlashing PiercerStarry Tear750 GemsA Tier
BakubroCatapultExplosive SpeedPiercing ShotHowitzer Impact1600 GemsS Tier
BowmanBlade SpinCrane WingsBlade EnchantmentCaladblog800 GemsC Tier
CherryThrow KunaiBlossom CrushHealBlossom Strike200 GemsD Tier
CyborgIncinerateMachine Gun BlowsRocket StompIncineration Cannon1600 GemsA Tier
EugebroSonic LeapIce SpikesEnhance ArmamentBlue Rose1600 GemsA Tier
FluffyPistolBazookaRocketGatling50 GemsD Tier
HatsuDragon FistDragon RoarWing AttackBlaze200 GemsC Tier
IchiniPiercerSpin SlashCrossSoul Piercer50 GemsD Tier
ItaboriRapid FistDivergent FistBlack FlashCursed Awakening 300 GemsD Tier
KiruaThunder PalmLightning RainWhirlwindGodspeed200 GemsC Tier
King Of CursesFire ArrowBurning SunMalevolent ShrineAssist Malevolent Shrine800 GemS Tier
KodotokiIce WallFire FistFire WallFreezing Heatwave1600 GemsA Tier
KonekiKagune SpikeGhoul StrikeClaw RipperTransformation1600 GemsB Tier
MeguretsuFlame BrustFlame BeamFlame TornadoExplosion1600 GemsB Tier
NardoThrow KunaiShadow CloneEnergy BallEnergy Shuriken50 GemsC Tier
NojoBlueRedCurtainHollow Purple1600 GemsS Tier
PastaBlack SlashBlack MeteoriteBlack Hurricane Black Divider300 GemsB Tier
PriestessHoly LightMinor HealBarrierPurify1600 GemsA Tier
RamuraBlack LightningGluttonyFlareGod’s Wrath1600 GemsS Tier
RayLanceHammerFloorGungnir450 GemsB Tier
RekuFinger SmashHand SmashFlying SmashLightning Smash50 GemsC Tier
RokuRapid PunchKi BlastKi BeamSpirit Bomb50 GemsC Tier
RokiaTsukishiroHakurenShirafuneJuhaku600 GemsB Tier
RyukaKamaitachiDecapitation ModeFanning BladeAssist: Fanning Blade 1599 RobuxA Tier
Shield ManShield BashHate ReactionShield PrisonHeavenly Shield1600 GemsS Tier
SuskyChidoriFireballAmaterasuKirin450 GemsA Tier
TonjuroWater SlashWater WheelWhirlpoolFlowing Dance500 GemsB Tier
Toro720 PoundTatsumaki1080 Poundpurgatory Onigiri750 GemsB Tier
Tall MightCarolina SmashDetroit SmashOklahoma SmashUS Smash600 GemsB Tier
YakazaAir ExplosionAnnihilationCrushCompass300 GemsA Tier
ZetsuFlashSix-FoldKiwamiThunder God1600 GemsS Tier

RAID Shop Characters Tier List

CharacterMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4Raid TokensTier
Combat TitanHardened PiercerDestructionBerserkRumbling36,00 TokensS Tier
TakamuriFirst MochiHand Clap MochiPower MochiConqueror’s Haki36,00 Tokens S Tier
Nardo Six PathTailed Beast BombTailed Beast ShurikenRegion ComboPlanetary Rasenshuriken36,00 Tokens A Tier
RivaiCircular SliceBlade StormBrutal Cyclone (+Speed)Blood Lust3,000 Tokens B Tier
TenkokuUnknowing FireRising SunFlame TigerForm Tengoku24,00 Tokens A Tier
HiritoHowling AssaultDouble CircularNightmare RainStarburst Stream24,00 Tokens B Tier

Anime Dimensions Costumes Tier List

Costume NamePriceTier
Aaron (Adult)750 GemsB Tier
Muda499 Robux A Tier
Lia499 RobuxS Tier
Nightmare399 Robux A Tier
Zero499 Robux A Tier
Water750 GemsB Tier
Best Boy (Bunny) 750 GemsA Tier
Best Boy (School)750 GemsB Tier
Drip Roku750 GemsA Tier
Maskless Nojo750 GemsA Tier
Burning Hero750 GemsA Tier
Ice Queen750 GemsS Tier
Hoodie Reku750 GemsB Tier
Burning Hero750 GemsS Tier
Esdeaf750 GemsA Tier
Maskless Nojo750 GemsA Tier
Ramura (Deamon)750 GemsS Tier
Alturia Alter (Casual)750 GemsB Tier
Mika750 GemsB Tier
Negative Two750 Gems S Tier
Eugebro (knight)600 GemsB Tier
Yellow Flash600 GemsB Tier
Sniper600 GemsA Tier
Dragon Maid600 GemsA Tier
Asuka (Adult)500 GemsB Tier
Akane500 GemsC Tier
White Reaper500 GemsB Tier
Best Boy (Casual)500 GemsB Tier
Asana500 GemsB Tier
Monke500 GemsB Tier
King of Heroes (Casual)500 GemsA Tier
Mika500 GemsB Tier
Monstrous Titan500 GemsA Tier
Firix500 GemsB Tier
Aaron500 GemsB Tier
Gom500 GemsA Tier
Itchy500 GemsB Tier
Gin500 GemsB Tier
Vice President500 Gems B Tier
Hakate500 GemsA Tier
Konno500 GemsC Tier
Prodigy500 GemsB Tier
Hirito500 GemsB Tier
Lelush500 GemsC Tier
Nilin500 GemsC Tier
Biri Biri500 GemsC Tier
Nomi500 GemsC Tier
Deamon Girl500 GemsB Tier
Panda500 GemsB Tier
Fiend500 GemsC Tier
Demon Maid500 GemsA Tier
Chuunibyou500 GemsB Tier
Red500 GemsC Tier
One Bald Man500 GemsC Tier
Yoto500 Gems C Tier
Tofu Drifter300 GemsD Tier

Let us know, in the comments if you want to change a tier of any costume and character.

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