Roblox Music Codes & Song IDs 2024

Roblox provides many Music codes and Song IDs for entertainment purposes to its users. Playing music in Roblox is the best way to have fun in the game. It becomes more interesting when you have Music IDs of the latest songs. Because these music IDs help users to play their favorite music during the game-play. Roblox players can play these Songs IDs with the help of the “Golden Super Fly Boombox“, which is a musical gear item. However, every player must have a music player, otherwise, they can’t play their favorite music. There are lots of music players in the Roblox store. You can purchase them with “Robux” money (the virtual currency of the game).

What are Song IDs in Roblox?

Roblox song IDs are those codes that can be used to play specific songs or audio tracks in games on the Roblox platform. These IDs can be entered into the game’s audio settings or in-game music players to play the corresponding song.

Note: It’s important to note that song IDs can change or be removed by the game developers, and not all of them will work in every game. Also, not all songs are available as Roblox song IDs. It is always recommended to check the game’s audio settings or in-game music player to see if the song ID is working correctly.

All The Best Roblox Music Codes & Song IDs List

Various music artists’ Song IDs are listed below for Roblox. So copy your favorite Song ID and enjoy it during the gameplay. Some examples of popular Roblox song IDs include: However, these Sond IDs also work in the Roblox Brookhaven RP game.

Song NameArtist NameSong IDs
Fishy on MeTiko4701893926
Barney was a dinosaurBarney 374057291
DANCE TILL YOU’RE DEAD@Des_ii611317218
Savage LoveJason Derulo5458852845
Running in the 90sSnowfall294997736
Raining TacosParry Gripp142376088
Till It’s Over (FULL)Tristam1180273873
Chicken song-Geco RemixJ. Geco576332031
The Box Roblox Song IDRoblox1837386604
Fried Chicken SongAstrophile1271505827
Fearless (FULL)TULE1354768917
I Love Potatoes (Potato Song)Onision158764033
Careless Whisper (Live 1984)George Michae2893925991
Your New BoyfriendWilbur Soot6074093141
Best FriendsSaweetie, Feat. Doja Cat6286040455
Beautiful MistakesMaroon 5, ft. Megan Thee Stallion6797664704
Life By The SeaTubbo7359937178
Party GirlStaySolid Rocky5336365790
[Sped up] Girl Like YouSean Divine2605478793
Heads Will Roll (JVH-C remix)Yeah Yeah Yeah Music290176752
Coffin DanceDigiNeko5180097131
Super Mario RemixNintendo203551205
Super Mario 64 – SlideNintendo 3837246595
We got to have money…NowDoTheHarlemShake130763583
I’M BEAN, MR. BEANMr. Bean947518032
You’re Welcomeasimo3089, badcc, and KreekCraft2232185283
Mii Channel Music (Meme Music)Wii143666548
ChanelFrank Ocean1408132055
Let it goOneyNG189105508
Let’s Groove TonightEarth-Wind & Fire2583567468
I play Pokémon GO every day!Misha482886779
YOU HAVE NO LIFEJoeyDaPlayer1282209285
Tsunami Hardstyle [Remix Hard]DVBBS, Borgeous142720946
EVERYBODY DO THE FLOPTodd Bryanton296407759
Chou Dragon SoulTakayoshi Tanimoto3155487003
It’s Raining Tix [Remix]Fros Studio398475084
Guwop Home feat – Young ThugGucci Mane486322590
Jailbreak Jewelry StoreRoblox Jailbreak1735250738
AnnoyingKevin MacLeod520168377
Flight of the BumblebeeDaniel Bautista27697719
Initial D – Deja VuTsuko G414454387
EAR EXPLODER 9001MaikeleL180736564
Gangnam Style (Arion Trap Remix)PSY147414710
Stronger Than You (Sans Parody)Djsmell367908975
Toad – Milk and CookiesSML Plush Show587971443
The Slender Man SongMany Artist142776228
Pretty GirlMaggie Lindemann657284150
Cat? I’m a kitty cat (Meme Song)Steve Ibsen224845627
Beep Beep I’m a Sheep (FULL)Todd Bryanton722968918
You’ve Been TrolledAntony C154664102
MANS NOT HOTBig Shaq1056483428
What Do You Mean One Last TimeAriana Grande360160735
Roblox Egg Hunt 2021 (very cool)The Noob Job Group5128532009
RUNNING IN THE OOFS!Max Coveri1051512943
Soviet Anthem, English (Meme Song)Paul Robeson1195628611
Caillou Trap RemixTrapMusicHDTV212675193
I’M A BANANA!!!!Onision542910731
Old Town RoadLis Nas X3180460921
Help Me Help YouLogan Paul833322858
KFC is Illuminati confirmedLuke Rigby205254380
I Like TrainsTodd Bryanton131072261
GTA San Andreas Rockstar3245100983
Osu Hit Sound EffectOsu7147454322

These are all new Roblox Music IDs, we have right now in 2023. As new music codes arrive, we’ll update this post. Till then you can enjoy the above songs for the game

Roblox Nightcore Song IDs

Song NameSong ID
Angel with a Shotgun – Nightcore181674510
BLACKPINK – Playing With Fire (Nightcore)3218401503
Don’t Stop (The Fat Rat Remix) – Nightcore273341384
Genius (Nightcore)2454296933
Grandson – Blood//Water (Nightcore)2808524036
E.T by Nightcore242890601
Honest – Nightcore3032669487
Horrible Kids (Set It Off) – Nightcore376057957
I’m Blue – Nightcore156461074
I think I’m In Love – Kat Dahlia (Nightcore)397456205
Kelis – Milkshake (Nightcore)321199908
Light Em Up Remix Girl On Fire587156015
Look What You Made Me Do – Nightcore2391038357
Monsters – Nightcore639976862
My Demons -Nightcore225851431
Nyan Cat – Dubstep Remix275846356
Mad Hatter – Nightcore4857793777
O.D.D – Nightcore1573952981
On On – Nightcore924434831
Panic Room – Nightcore2115450684
Pretty Little Psycho278497467
River Flows In You (A Love Note) – Nightcore235254251
Rockefeller Street REMIX2606678518
SAD! by Nightcore2701068816
Seekae – Test & Recognise (Flume Re-Work)4557673096
Soldier – Nightcore215027934
Sub Urban & Bella Poarch – INFERNO (Nightcore)7247574542
Teacher’s Pet – Melanie Martinez3908043580
Nightcore – Wrap Me In Plastic2631240760
You’re Gonna Go Far Kid (Nightcore)275236516

Best Halloween Roblox Song IDs

Song NameSong ID
Andrew Gold – Spooky, Scary Skeletons177276825
Oingo Boingo – Dead Man’s Party4607560006
Radiohead – Creep2914498927
Rockwell (ft. Michael Jackson) – Somebody’s Watching Me1842784902
Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – I Put a Spell on You284769727
Siouxsie – masquerade (Dropping Bodies Like a Nun)5957501509
This Is Halloween (The Nightmare Before Christmas)2472098287
Love Potion Number Nine1841444462
MGMT – Little Dark Age5944252162
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll168420902

Roblox Christmas Music ID Codes

We all love to celebrate Christmas with our family members and friends with lots of songs and plays. Here is the list of the best Christmas song codes, you can play in Roblox and celebrate with your friends.

Song NameMusic ID
A Roblox Rap – Merry Christmas Roblox1259050178
Arion – The Nutcracker326744325
Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley (Non-Copy)4495581826
Caribbean Christmas1838114157
Christmas Dubstep191120130
Cascada – Last Christmas Nigh core335963576
Drax – Happy Happy Christmas1539637577
DW – Every Christmas is Last Christmas2042080032
Frost Moon Theme – Terraria OST298381658
hm surf – didn’t get a switch for Christmas1634434715
Luigi singing jingle bells (173+ TAKES!)190789151
Merry FNAF Christmas Song579839048
Nightmare Before Christmas (Trap Remix)547258389
White Christmas (Instrumental Music)3559744487

Roblox Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) Music Codes

If you are a die-hard fan of the 2014 survival horror video game “Five Nights at Fridays” then you probably know about its soundtrack too. Because they all are insane and create a horror environment when you play the game. Now it’s time to play all its songs on Roblox by using its music IDs.

Below is the list of all FNAF soundtracks music IDs, You can play them on Roblox…

Song NameArtist NameSong ID
The Afton Family RemixAPAngryPiggy1592031671
Circus of The Dead SL SongTryHardNinja599054447
Five Long Nights RapJT Music853845900
[FNAF SFM] Another Five NightsJT Music599259840
It’s MeTryHardNinja2636236661
Just An AttractionTryHardNinja234623120
Just Gold – FNAF Song MandoPony198126365
FNAF Goodbye Full SongTryHardNinja623680207
FNAF Christmas Song FULLJT Music1175747409
FNAF Dismantled RemixNitroXglitchy189184692
FNAF Sister Location song ~ Join Us For a BiteJT Music524730034
FNAF Sister Location song ~ ♫ Circus of The Dead ♫TryHardNinja524439344
FnaF Song “Revenge”MrShanMan547901500
FNAF “Join us for a bite” Sister Location songJT Music507445422
Labyrinth – FNAF 6 SongCG51254263363
FNaF Groundbreaking Full SongMr. Fazbear1458686355
Not Here All Night REMASTERED!DAGames344907027
FNaF Survive the NightMandoPony190460189
The Puppet Song – (FNXF Song)TryHardNinja265972584
FNAF Remix Song 1Trap Music Now191902054
FNAF Remix Song 2Unknown188228497
FNaF Unfixable SongDAGames543054974
FNaF You Can’t Hide (Full Song)CK9C2113063908

Roblox Adopt Me Song IDs

Adopt Me is one of the most played games in Roblox and nearly 3 lakh people play this game at a time. Below is the list of all song IDs, which are made for the Roblox Adopt Me.

Song NameSong ID
Adopt Me Christmas Theme Song5675012637
Adopt Me Chipmunks Singing 15870533025
Adopt Me (Day Theme)4622788075
Adopt Me (Day Theme Song) Louder Version5248898738
Adopt Me (Night Theme)4635406466
Adopt Me Night (Xmas)4734546273
Adopt Me (Halloween Theme)4796169780
Adopt Me Fossil Isle Soundtrack 5779188527
OOFED ADOPT ME MUSIC [My Favorite Song]3551747436
Ultimate Roblox Adopt Me Song By LankyBox5547443645

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