Grounded BURG.L Wiki: All Chips Of BURG.L

First of all, let us tell you who is BURG.L in the Grounded game. The BURG.L is a robot working in the science lab at the Oak-tree. It is hidden till you do not complete the mission to investigate the mysterious machine in Grounded. When the lasers supply extra current to the machine then there occurs an explosion at the science lab of the Oak-tree.

When you will reach Oaktree, you will find BURG.L in the lab. Before it, you need to kill the TAYZ.T ( It is a kind of Robot also) in the Oak Lab then help the BURG.L. After reaching him, he will introduce by saying that “I am BURG.L, acting science manager for this project. I am also a robot“.

He can answer the different questions that are running in your mind. Trading is also done with BURG.L in return for some Raw Science. It also provides you with three different quests every day.

For that, you have to go to the robot and take the quests daily. When you complete these quests, it will provide you extra Raw Science as Reward.

All BURG.L Chips Locations In Grounded!

There is a total of 11 chips in the Grounded game that you can trade with BURG.L the Robot. You need to find these chips to get advanced crafting ideas from BURG.L. Following is the list in which all the chip names and their location is mentioned…

All BURG.L Chips Locations In Grounded
BURG.L Chips Location
  1. Grassland BURG.L Chip
    • The grassland chip of the BURG.L is found when you go to the science lab at the Oak tree. You will find this chip near the BURG.L when you meet him the first time.
  2. Anthill BURG.L Chip
    • You will find this chip inside the cave in the western Anthill. There are a lot of ants in the cave and if you are lucky then you will find some ant eggs too. For the chip, go to the lowest room of the cave.
    • There is another BURG.L chip on this location named “grave robbery BURG.L chip”. You can find this chip inside the Western Anthill place.
  3. Stained BURG.L Chip (Cold Blood)
    • You can find this chip near the large sharp teeth farming tool. Where you will see “Stained BURG.L” chip at Red “paint Can” in Grounded. You have to look very carefully at this chip because it is stained completely with red paint.
  4. Hedge Lab BURG.L Chip
    • This chip can be found at the secret Hedge lab on the Southeast side of the map. To get this chip, you have to complete the Hedge lab quest. When you open the last room to turn on the power supply at the Hedge lab, you can see the chip on the table in this room.
  5. Haze Lab BURG.L Chip
    • This chip is located inside the haze lab. However, the lab is locked unless you find the Hedge BroodMother boss Research Notes. After this, the lab will unlock to the explorer, and you can find the “Haze BURGL” chip.
  6. Pond Lab BURG.L Chip
    • For this chip, complete the Pond lab quest first. You’ll find the fish bowl BURG.L chip on a chair beside the supercomputer in the Biodome.
  7. Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip
    • This chip is located underwater near the T-Rex toy. Check the Guide to get Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip.
  8. Picnic BURG.L Chip
    • The “Picnic BURG.L Chip” is located on the top of the bee hive. It is locked inside a golden treasure chest. To unlock this chest, you need to find the “Minotaur” key first.
  9. Sandbox BURG.L Chip
    • The Sandbox chip also known as the “Candy Conundrum” chip is located inside the Sandbox Lab. But the lab is locked and only can be unlocked using Assistant Manager Keycard. Players can get this keycard by defeating the “Assistant Manager” robot boss inside the black Ant lab.
  10. Black Anthill BURG.L Chip
    • You can find the “Black Anthill” chip above the “Assistant Manager” room inside the black Ant lab.
  11. Woodpile BURG.L Chipp
    • The Woodpile chip was introduced in the “Into The Wood” game update. You can find this chip inside the Termite cave, located near the blistering coals of the spilled barbecue.

How-To Give a Chip To BURG.L?

When you get a BURG.L chip then go to the science lab at the Oaktree. Interact with BURG.L, it will provide a menu with different options.

How To give a chip to BURG.L In Grounded

Select the option “I Found a BURG.L chip” then click on it. After clicking on the option, BURG.L will give you Raw science as a reward for returning the chip.

How To Trade Raw Science with BURG.L?

For trading, go to the BURG.L and interact with it. Then, you will find a trading option for different things. It can either give you some new crafting ideas or either give you a permit to analyze at the Lab scanner. That will advance your building experience in the game.

BURG.L Audio Log Commands

Here is the list of all audio log commands of BURG.L…

  • BP_Burgle_C
  • BP_AudioLog_BurgleA01_C
  • BP_AudioLog_BurgleA02_C
  • BP_AudioLog_BurgleA03_C
  • BP_AudioLog_BurgleA04_C
  • BP_AudioLog_BurgleA05_C
  • BP_AudioLog_BurgleA06_C
  • BP_AudioLog_BurgleA07_C
  • BP_AudioLog_BurgleA08_C
  • BP_AudioLog_BurgleA09_C
  • BP_AudioLog_OminentA01_C
  • BP_AudioLog_OminentA02_C
  • BP_AudioLog_OminentA03_C
  • BP_AudioLog_OminentA04_C
  • BP_AudioLog_OminentA05_C
  • BP_AudioLog_OminentA06_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellA01_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellA02_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellA03_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellA04_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellA05_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellA06_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellB01_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellB02_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellB03_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellB04_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellB05_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellB06_C
  • BP_AudioLog_WendellB07_C
  • BP_Audio_Log_World_AntTotem_C
  • BP_Audio_Log_World_Cave_C
  • BP_Audio_Log_Base_C
  • BP_Note_Spy_Hedge_C
  • BP_Note_Spy_Haze_C

BURG.L Tech. Chips Commands

If you face any trouble finding all BURG.L chips in Grounded then here is the list of all tech. chips commands of BURG.L…

  • BP_ColorCollectible_C
  • BP_RawScience_B_C
  • BP_ScienceBits_C
  • BP_TazT_C
  • BP_TechChipAntHill_C
  • BP_TechChipFlowerbed_C
  • BP_TechChipHedge_C
  • BP_TechChipMint_C
  • BP_TechChipPaint_C
  • BP_TechChipPond_C
  • BP_TechChipOakTree_C
  • BP_TechChipWeed_C

BURG.L Wikipedia: All Questions Related To BURG.L Robot

According to the game logs and BURG.L, the motive to create BURG.L is for a burger shop. Dr. Tully created it while he was working on designs for an automated burger restaurant. BURG.l is the last existing Burger Lad Mark IV with a beautiful mustache that is working on the experiments and research of Dr. Tully after his disappearance.

These are the few questions, you should know about BURG.L – The Robot…

Who Created BURG.L In Grounded Game?

The creator of the BURG.L is Dr. Wendell Tully from “Ominent Practical Technologies“. According to the game, Dr. Wendell created the robot “BURG.L” to manage his projects in the science lab. It handles all the lab projects and works on the repair if any problem occurs.

What Is The Main Point of BURG.L in Grounded?

It is the last Burger Lad Mark IV that is continuing the research and experiments of Dr. Tully. You can also upgrade tools with the help of BURG.L in exchange for some Raw Science. BURG.L will also lead you to complete different tasks in the game.

What are the Operating Parameters Of BURG.L?

There are three main parameters of BURG.L in the Grounded game…

  • Cooking
  • Flipping
  • Grilling

It has also the functionality to adapt anything like it has adapted the many things from Dr. Tully. BURG.L is also good in an organization, data science, and mustache grooming.

How To Get Burger From BURG.L?

As we told above, BURG.L use to cook food and make a burger for Dr. Wendell. If you want a burger from the robot then interact with it first and ask a question from BURG.L. It will answer by saying that “Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions”. And also says that it will show you the truth behind its grilling function.

What is Raw Science in Grounded?

With Raw Science, you can trade different items with BURG.L. According to the BURG.L, it is definitely not cooked science and true nature eluded by Dr. Tully. It is observed to be a byproduct of the experimentation process that occurs in the lab. These all are just perceptions of BURG.L.

Raw Science Commands

  • BP_RawScience_A_C
  • BP_RawScience_B_C

BURG.L All Daily Quests

There are different quests that the BURG.L gives you. The benefit of these quests is that you will explore new places in the game and know more. It will also help you in gaining some Raw Science. We are providing a list containing all the quests in-game.

These Quests are simply of two types: one is repeatable and some are non-repeatable

Repeatable Daily Quests

The given list has all the daily quests that repeat after some time…


  • In this Quest, you have to analyze the non-analyzed item. As there are lots of items in the game so you will this quest many times in the game. It will unlock new recipes, tools, and many more items in the crafting menu.
    • Reward: You will get 100 RS after completing the quest.


  • You have to craft new items in the game to complete this quest. It can either be a tool or a gear that you have to craft.
    • Reward: You will get 100-300 RS after completing the Quest.


This is quest is a little bit different because in it you have to kill different insects. Kill the insects to complete the quest and gain Raw Science. Below are all the hunter quests in Grounded…

  • Hunter: Aphid
    • Kill 10 Aphid to complete the Quest.
  • Hunter: Bombardier Beetle
    • Kill 5 Bombardier Beetle to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 500 RS
  • Hunter: Gnat
    • Kill 5 Gnat to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 75 RS
  • Hunter: Infected Mite
    • Kill 5 Infected Mite to complete the Quest.
  • Hunter: Infected Weevil
    • Kill 5 Infected Weevil to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 600 RS
  • Hunter: Ladybug
    • Kill 5 Ladybug to complete the Quest.
  • Hunter: Larva
    • Kill 5 Larva to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 100 RS
  • Hunter: Lawn Mite
    • Kill 10 Lawn Mites to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 100 RS
  • Hunter: Orb Weaver
    • Kill 10 Orb Weaver to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 800 RS
  • Hunter: Soldier Ant
    • Kill 5 Soldier Ant to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 125 RS
  • Hunter: Spiderling
    • Kill 5 Spiderling to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 200 RS
  • Hunter: Stinkbug
    • Kill 5 Stinkbug to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 500 RS
  • Hunter: Weevil
    • Kill 5 Weevil to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 300 RS
  • Hunter: Wolf Spider
    • Kill 3 Wolf Spider to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 750 RS
  • Hunter: Worker Ant
    • Kill 10 Worker Ant to complete the Quest.
    • Reward: 100 RS

Non Repeatable Daily Quests

The following quests appear one time only as you complete them they will not repeat.

Chipsleuth: Grave Robbery

  • This quest contains the objective of finding the grave robbery chip. You can find this chip in the anthill at the west. The chip is in the middle room of the cave, go there and take the chip to BURG.L.
    • Reward: 100 Raw Science

Chipsleuth: Cold Blood

  • In this quest, find the “Stained BURG.L” chip and return to BURG.L. The location and description of the chip are already mentioned above.
    • Reward: 100 Raw Science

Explorer: Bird Bath Bluff

  • The objective is to create a Landmark at the bath bluff of the crow. You have to take some sprigs, plant fiber, and cover leaves to build the Landmark.
    • Reward: 100 Raw Science

Explorer: Fallen Oak Branch

  • This branch is in the middle of the map containing a lot of sap on it. Go there and mark it according to the objective.
    • Reward: 100 Raw Science

Explorer: Great Oak Beacon

  • Great Oak Beacon is also a lost site in Grounded that you need to find. It is near the Oaktree to the downside of the hill.
    • Reward: 100 Raw Science

Explorer: Plank Cliff

  • Plant Cliff is the site in Grounded that you can find on the west of the map near the hill
    • Reward: 100 Raw Science

Explorer: Western Grasslands Ant Hill

  • To complete this objective, go to the western anthill and make a landmark on the top of the hill. Be careful of the ants wandering there.
    • Reward: 100 Raw Science

So that’s all about BURG.l and its wiki in the Grounded and we will come back with other interesting BURG.L information in the future. So stay tuned with us…

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