Grounded Hedge Lab Quest | All Terminal Password Location

The Hedge Lab is the observation center of the yard area and used for research on arachnid webbing. You will find the Hedge lab near the crow bathtub and the berry bushes. In this guide, we will guide you completely through this quest like how you go inside the hedge lab, how to find the password, and how to power on.

Hedge Lab Location in Grounded – The image given below contains the hedge lab location on the map of the Grounded game.

Hedge Lab Location in Grounded
Hedge Lab Location

Before you begin, you must collect the following items that will help you throughout the quest…

  • Weapons and Tools
  • Bandages
  • Food and Water
  • Torch
  • Dandelion Tuft [Helps in Flying in Grounded game]

How To Enter The Hedge Lab?

Firstly, go to the southeast part of the map and find the hedge lab as shown in the above image. There will be some broken parts of the lab fallen on the ground whereas the lab is on the tree. You’ll also find a red cable leading to the hedge lab. Find a way to climb the tree. You can use some weed stems to build a structure to reach a branch of the tree. Otherwise, find some branches near the ground where you can easily climb. Here, you have to remind the red cable because it will take you to your destination.

First zip line
First Zip Line

When you reach the branches, look for a flying zip line. You can find this zip line easily if you follow the red cable. After finding the zip line, use it to reach the next branch. You’ll find a door here too. Keep moving forward, till you reach the second zipline. It’ll take you to a Frisbee where you can see some spider lings and a SCA.B cosmetic. Pick it up and find another zip line next to the Frisbee.

Second Zip Line
Second Zip Line

This zip line will take you to a broken lab segment. In this segment, you can see some spider eggs and bandages. Pick all the items there, and go outside this place using the single door. Outside the door, there is a branch where you’ll find some mushrooms growing on it. After walking straight on the same branch for a while you will see another zip line. This zip line will take you directly to the hedge lab.

How To Find The All Four Terminal Passwords in Hedge Lab?

With the help of the last zip line, you’ll enter through a breach in the hedge lab. In this place, you’ll find a computer that is password protected. This section is the most important in the Hedge Lab quest of the Grounded game. You need to find the password to unlock this computer and turn on the power supply. After using the computer, the door on the left side will open. This door leads to the hedge lab. The other door will open when you find all the password parts.

There are a total of four parts of this password that you have to find. Here are all four password parts locations…

First Password Part Location

To get the first part, make your way through the door on the left side to the hedge lab. Stay alert because you’ll find OAB Weaver JR in this room. Gear up now to fight them. You can use your favorite tool to kill the spider. After killing the spider, you’ll find a password part in this room on which 58 is written. Pick the password part and go ahead.

Second Password Part
First Password

Second Password Part Location

Second Password Part
Second Password

There is a zip line in the hedge lab where you found your first password part. You can see this zip line in the extreme left corner of the lab. This zip line will have a berry on its way that you will have to drop using an arrow or other tools. Take this zip line, and you will reach the other section of the lab. This section of the lab will be full of spider eggs and webs. You can also see some baby spiders along with the second password part in this room. Take this part and go upside this section.

Third Password Part Location

After taking the second part, look for the stuck door on the left side of the room. Use a tool to unblock the door. Now, make your way to the upper section of the lab till you reach a hall. In this section, you’ll find some robots named “TAYZ.T”. These robots will attack you, so you need to be prepared. After killing these robots take a left from this hall, and you’ll enter a research section. A bunch of berries chunks can be seen on the floor and a zip line also.

Third Password Part
Third Password

This zip line will take you to another section of the lab where you can see the third part of the password.

Fourth Password Part Location

For the fourth part, make your way to the top section of the lab. In this section, you’ll find a lot of resources like sap, grass chunks, silk ropes, and more. There is also a zip line in this room. Take this zip line and jump halfway where you see a bulb and an open roof. The fourth part of the password is just below this bulb. Be cautious because you can see some spiders over there. Take the password part and go back to the computer hall.

Fourth Password Part
Fourth Password

Turn On the Power Supply

Turn on the Power Supply
Power Supply

When you have collected all four terminal password segments, make your way to the computer hall. When you reach there, you can access the computer and open the other door in the room. Enter this room and turn on the power supply. You’ll also find a rotten face gas mask and a BURG.L chip over there. After this, your quest will be completed, and you can return this chip to BURG.L.

That’s all about the Grounded Hedge Lab Quest guide. For more guides about Grounded and other games, check out NeedForGaming.

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