Grounded Mint Mallet Recipe | Craft Mint Mallet

Mint Mallet is a useful weapon that you can use to attack or defend yourself. In this article, we’ll discuss the crafting recipe for Mint Mallet in the Grounded game. For this recipe, you must have some ingredients such as mint chunks, silk ropes, etc.

The Mint Mallet is the best weapon in the Grounded Game because of its damage and power of this weapon are so good. If we compare the mint mallet with other weapons then it provides the maximum damage to the target and is also good for defense. For example, when I was fighting with a mosquito it takes only four hits to kill that. So it will not be wrong to say that the Mint Mallet is the best tool in the Grounded game. Although, it is useless as a busting tool.

Ingredients of Mint Mallet Recipe

For the crafting of the Mint Mallet, you must have the following items…

  • Mint Chunks x4
  • Silk Rope x9
  • Flower Petals x8

How To Get Mint Chunks In Grounded?

How To Get Mint Chunks
How To Get Mint Chunks

For the mint chunks, you have to visit the mint chunk site near the mysterious machine. The location of the mint chunk site is shown on the map below. When you go there, open the mint box and go inside. it’ll require a busting tool like an Insect hammer to break the mint into chunks. Collect them and you’ll get the Mint mallet recipe in your crafting menu.

Mint Chunks Location In Grounded
Mint Chunks Location In Grounded

How To Craft Mint Mallet?

How To Craft Mint Mallet
How To Craft Mint Mallet
  • Once you have collected all the ingredients, just visit your workbench.
  • Open the workbench tools menu and select the Mint Mallet in this menu.
  • Click on the craft button and make your own Mint mallet.

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