All Smoothie Recipes In Grounded Game

This article contains all Smoothie Recipes In the Grounded game that you can make. Smoothies are very useful in increasing your health, stamina, and boost. These smoothies can also be used for defeating hunger Making a smoothie is an easy task, you just need to collect a few things to make it. In this article, firstly we’ll discuss how to craft a smoothie station and after that all smoothie recipes.

How To Make (Craft) a Smoothie Station?

How To Craft a Smoothie Station
How To Craft a Smoothie Station

To craft a smoothie station, you’ll need 1x Acorn Top, 4x Sprigs, and 5x Grub Goop. All these things can be found nearby Oaktree. You can often see acorns, and grubs under the shadow of Oaktree. Collect all these items and you are eligible to craft a station. After that, select a perfect place for your smoothie station and craft it.

How To Make a Smoothie?

It is very simple. Just interact at the smoothie station, and add three ingredients to it. After that, craft the smoothie. It will come into your inventory automatically after crafting. Enjoy your smoothie whenever you need it.

Smoothie Recipes List In Grounded Game

Below is the list of all smoothies that you can make in the Grounded game…

Basic Smoothie?

Put any three items in the smoothie station and make a basic smoothie that decreases your hunger and thirst level.

Boost Juice Smoothie

To make this, collect the given items and have this delicious smoothie…

  • Aphid
  • Acorn Bits
  • Mushroom

Liquid Rage Smoothie

This smoothie improves your health, stamina, and attack damage. Collect the following items to make it…

  • Ant Mandible
  • Spider Fang
  • Larva Spike

Liquid Gills Smoothie

This smoothie allows you to breathe underwater for a short period of time. Collect the items below to make this one…

  • Tadpole Meat
  • Water Flea Meat
  • Eel Grass

Fuzz on the Rocks Smoothie

It helps in increasing your maximum health. Collect the items to make this smoothie

  • Mite Fuzz
  • Pebblet
  • Quartzite

Hedge Lord Smoothie

Make this smoothie to heal your health and satisfy hunger with the following items…

  • Aphid Honeydew
  • Acorn Bits
  • Berry Chunk

Green Machine Smoothie

This one improves your stamina and health recovery rate. Collect these items to make it… 

  • Plant Fiber
  • Clover Leaf 
  • Sprig

Worker’s Comp Smoothie

It increases your item carrying strength and requires the following items…

  • Ant Head
  • Mandible of Ant
  • Ant Part

Human Food Smoothie

This smoothie increases your damage resistance from attacks. It requires the following items to make…

  • Apple Bits
  • Billy Hog Nugget
  • Cookie Sandwich Bits

Gastro Goo Smoothie

This one protects you from the hazardous gases in the game. Collect the following items to make it…

  • Fungal Growth
  • Gas Sack
  • Honeydew

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