All Noob Army Tycoon Commands List

Commands and cheat codes help players to play any game more easily and reduces the game difficulty. Like other Roblox games the “Noob Army Tycoon” has its own cheats and commands that will you to play games more easily. In this post, we will discuss both of them with their all commands. There are seven types of commands in the “Noob Army Tycoon” game which are…

  1. Non-Admin + Commands
  2. VIP + Commands
  3. Mode+ Commands
  4. Admin + Commands
  5. Head Admin + Commands
  6. Owner Commands
  7. Donor Commands

Non-Admin Noob Army Tycoon Commands

The non-admin are those commands that don’t require any paid VIP game pass. Mean all players can use these commands without paying any Robux money. These all are zero rank commands but some of them need a special VIP pass to used properly.

Note: Write “me” in the place of <player> to use a command for yourself.

;pink <player>Returns your ping (latency) in millisecondsForeverHD, Exo_Byte
;commands <player>Display Commands MenuForeverHD
;morph <player>Display Morphs ListForeverHD
;donor <player>Unlock 5 exclusive commandsForeverHD
;serverRanks <player>Display Server Rank ListForeverHD
;info <player>Display Player’s infoForeverHD
;credits <player>Display All Creditors list ForeverHD
;updates <player>Display All Game UpdatesForeverHD
;settings <player>Display Game SrttingsForeverHD
;clear <player>Clear all messages of your screenForeverHD
;radio <player>Coming soonForeverHD
;getSound <player>Coming soonForeverHD

Noob Army Tycoon VIP + Commands List

These commands will work if you buy VIP game pass for 240 Robux first in the shop section. These all are the rank 1 (VIP) commands by ForeverHD

;cmdbarOpen command bar at top
;refresh <player>Clear all effects and loops from the player
;respawn <player>Respawn the player
;shirt <player> <number>Shirts
;pants <player> <number>Pants
;hat <player> <number>Hats
;clearhats <player>Clear all hats accessories
;face <player> <number>Faces
;visible <player>Visible the player
;paint <player> <color>Paints
;material <player> <material>Material Type
;reflectance <player> <number>Number of Reflectance
;transparency <player> <number>Number of Transparency
;glass <player>Glass
;neon <player>Neon
;shine <player>Player will shine
;ghost <player>Player will vanished
;gold <player>Make player as Gold
;jump <player>Player will Jump
;sit <player>Player will sit
;bigHead <player>, unBigHead for undoBig Head
;smallHead <player>, unSmallHead for undoSmall Head
;potatoHead <player>, unPotatoHead for undoPotato Head
;spin <player> <number>Player will spin
;rainbowFart <player>Rainbow Fart
;icecream <player>Cool environment
;wrap <player>wrap
;blur <player> <number>Blur effect
;hideGuis <player>Hide Guis
;showGuis <player>Show Guis
;ice <player>Ice
;thaw <player>Thaw
;freeze <player>Freeze
;jail <player>Jail
;fire <player>Fire
;smoke <player>Smoke
;name <player> <text>Will change player’s name
;hideName <player>Hide Name
;showName <player>Show Name
‘r15 <player>Unknown
;r6 <player>Unknown
;nightVision <player>Turn on night vision
;dwarf <player>Make player as a dwarf
;giant <player>Make a giant
;size <player> <scale> eg. 1-10Change player’s size according number
;bodyTypeScale <player> <scale> eg. 1-10Change body scale
;depth <player> <scale>, ;undepthDepth Scale
;headSize <player> <scale> eg. 1-10Change Head Size
;height <player> <scale> eg. 1-10Change player’s height
;hipHeight <player> <scale>Change player’s hip height
;squash <player>, unSquash for undoFlatten
;proportion <player> <scale>Proportion Scale
;width <player> <scale>Width Scale
;fat <player>Increase Fat
;thin <player>Makes player body thin
;char <player> <userId>Unknown
;morph <player> <morph>Unknown
;view <player>Spectate
;bundle <player> <number>Show all packages
;dino <player>TRex
;follow <player> <userId>Teleport you to the specified player’s server (if they are in the same game as you)

Mode+ Commands List (Rank 2)

;banland <player>Show Player’s ban list
;logsShows games logs
;chatLogsShow Player’s chat logs
;invisible <player>Make player invisible
;fly <player> <speed>fly plane 1
;fly2 <player> <speed>fly plane 2
;noclip <player> <speed>
;noclip2 <player> <speed>
;clip <player>
;speed <player> <speed>Increase player’s speed
;jumpPower <player> <number>Increase player’s Jump
;health <player> <number>Increase player’s health
;heal <player>Heal the player
;god and ;unGod for undoYou become immortal
;damage <player> <number>Damage
;killKill noob army in one shot
;teleport <player> <individual>Teleport
;bring <player> <individual>Bring another player
;to <player>
;apparate <player> <studs>Teleports the players X studs forward (8 default)
;talk <player> <text>Talk with other player
;controlshow game controls
;handTo <player>
;give <player> <tools>Give tools
;swordPlayer have a sword
;gear <player> <number>All gears
;cloneMake player’s clone
;change <player> <stat> <string>Change player’s stat and string
;kick <player> <text>
;ban <player> <reason>Ban a game player for reason
;directBan <player> <reason>Direct Ban
;permBan <player> <reason>Permanent Ban

Mode + Hint & Title Commands

  • ;h <text>
  • ;hr <text>
  • ;ho <text>
  • ;hy <text>
  • ;hg <text>
  • ;hdg <text>
  • ;hb <text>
  • ;hdb <text>
  • ;hp <text>
  • ;hpk <text>
  • ;hbk <text>
  • ;title <player> <text>
  • ;titler <player> <text>
  • ;titleo <player> <text>
  • ;titley <player> <text>
  • ;titleg <player> <text>
  • ;titledg <player> <text>
  • ;titledb <player> <text>
  • ;titlep <player> <text>
  • ;titlepk <player> <text>
  • ;titlebk <player> <text>

Admin + Rank 3 Commands List

;cmdbar2Show another CMD bar
;clearClear all stats
;insert <number>Insert number of items
;serverMessage <text>Text to server
;serverHint <text>
;countdown <number>
;countdown2 <number>
;notice <player> <text>Give a notice to any player
;privateMessage <player> <text>Send a private message
;alert <player> <text>Alert a player
;tempRank <player> <rank>Ranks a player, unless he leaves
;rank <player> <rank>Rank a player
;unRank <player> <rank>unRank a player
;music <number>Change Music
;pitch <number>Change Pitch
;volume <number>Change Volume
;buildingToolsBring all building tools
;chatColor <player> <color>Change chat color
;sellGamepass <player> <number>Sell player’s Game Passes
;sellAsset <player> <number>Sell player’s asset
;team <player> <teamcolor>Change team color
;add <player> <stat> <value>
;substract <player> <stat> <value>
;resetStats <player> <stat> <value>Reset player’s all stats
;time <numberChange the time
;muteMute the sound
;place <player> <number>
;fogEnd <number>
;fogStart <number>
;fogColor <color>
;vote <player> <answer> <question>

Admin + Message Commands List

  • ;m <text>
  • ;mr <text>
  • ;mo <text>
  • ;my <text>
  • ;mg <text>
  • ;mdg <text>
  • ;mb <text>
  • ;mb <text>
  • ;mdb <text>
  • ;mp <text>
  • ;mpk <text>
  • ;mbk <text>

Head Admin + Rank 4 Commands List

;lockPlayer <player> (;unLockPlayer)Locks all parts with the specified player
;lockMaplocks all part in workspace, preventing players from selecting & editing parts
;saveMapSaves a copy of the map
;loadMapRestores the last saves a copy of the map
;createTeam <color> <teamname>Create a new team
;removeTeam <team>Remove an existing team
;permRank <player> <rank>Rank player permanently
;crash <player>
;forcePlace <player> <number>
;serverLock <rank>Lock the server for players
;timeBanDisplay the ban menu
;globalAnnouncementBroadcasts a message to all servers
;globalVoteDisplay the poll menu
;globalAlertDisplay the alert menu

Rank 5 Owner Commands

  • ;globalPlace <number>
  • ;globalForcePlace number>

Donor Commands

There is a total of five exclusive donor commands in the “Noob Army Tycoon” game. But you must be a donor to use these commands by donating some Robux to the game developer.

  1. !laserEyes <color>
  2. !thanos
  3. !headSnap >degrees>
  4. !fart
  5. !boing

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