Roblox Backpacking Game Guide: Codes, Gears, Tents, Cars & Items

The Backpacking is a massive open-world camping game on Roblox store created on 22 June 2018 by “Abracadabra” game studio. While this game still in the Beta version that means, you can still expect some bugs and glitches during the gameplay.

If you ever want to go camping and enjoy the open sky with a bonfire then this game is for you. In this game, you can go camping with your friends and explore different places. There are many things, you can do in this game like fishing, boating, vehicle riding, and enjoy a beautiful lake-side sunset view. During your expedition, you will find many forest animals like deer, bears, and squirrels. You can also take part in camping events every day and earn Marshmallow that is the virtual currency of this game. With it, you can buy many items like tents, bonfires, chairs, cars, Marshmallow sticks, bear spray, a basic campfire, etc.

Marshmallow can be earn by completing game daily events and by selling ice cream with other players. The Backpacking developers also provide some game codes that help you to earn some free Marshmallow coins.

Roblox Backpacking Game Codes

  • 20KDISCORD – Use this code for 650 Marshmallow coins
  • FREE – Use this code for 10 Marshmallow coins

To get free Marshmallow, you need to first redeem these codes in the game. To redeem codes lookout for a white color “Twitter” icon where you can put your code. While stay tuned for upcoming new game codes…

How-To Play The Roblox Backpacking?

If you are new to this game then follow this gameplay guide to know how to play backpacking.

  • Firstly, open the game and choose your tent and vehicle color. After this, you can’t change your tent color so pick one that you like most.
  • After that, you will appear in a “Lobby Lodge” room where you meet with other camping girls and boys.
  • Now choose your vehicle for first it is a “Mini Van” that is free for every player. Press “E” to enter the driver seat. You can also give a car ride to other players.
  • After doing all this go to your destination where you want to set-up your tent and enjoy the beautiful lakes, snow mountains, volcanos, and Kayaking in rivers.

Backpacking Tents, Cars & Gears List

Backpacking Tents, Cars & Gears List

Below is the list of all tents, cars, and gears that you can buy…

Basic Tent150Basic CarFreeMarshmallow Stick50
Medieval Tent Blue 400ATV1000Bear Spray200
Bell Tent500Ice Cream Truck2500
Rectangular800Super Car5000
Multi Tent950Jeep2000
Igloo Tent1200Compact RV3500
Castle Tent1600
Log Cabin5700
Palace Tent2200
Tree House10500

Backpacking All Game Badges

Backpacking Game Badges
Game Badges

There are total seven game badges in Backpacking, you can earn them by completing some game missions and levels…

BackpackingPlay Backpacking game for first TimeEasy (63.5/100)
Summit badgeClimb to the highest point in the gameInsane (1.7/100)
Gliding WinnerFinish first in a gliding race0.0% (Impossible) Best Of Luck!
Kayaking winnerFinish first in a Kayaking race0.0%
TreasurerFind a hidden treasure chest and redeem those mallowsExtreme (8.2/100)
King FisherCatch 10+ fish in a single game session1.1% Very Rare Chances
You met Abracadabra StudioMeet With Abracadabra Studio Member0.0% (Impossible) Best Of Luck!

Game Update & News!

2021 January Update is here with lots of free items, gears and other game bug fixes…

  • New Ice Cream Truck! 🍦
  • Earn money selling ice cream!
  • New Lighting New free Lantern!

So this is the end of Backpacking game guide and if you want more Roblox game codes and guide then check out our Roblox Game Codes List post.

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