Roblox Beeface: Be A Bee Guide

Hello Guys! Welcome to another game guide of an all-new Roblox game that is “Beeface – Be A Bee“. The BeeFace is completely a funny and enjoyable game created on 2/18/2021 by the “StealthWhale” game studio. In this game, players have to collect pollen from the different flowers in the field and enlarge the field.

To enlarge the field, players will need honey to build the small portions of the first world. Players can make honey at the Honeycomb in the middle of the area. Firstly, collect some pollen and visit the honeycomb. It’ll automatically convert the pollen into honey. The converted honey will be half of the amount of the pollen you have collected. (2 Pollen = 1 Honey)

When the player starts to enlarge the field, he will find different kinds of eggs like surprise eggs, common eggs, and more. Each of the eggs contains some gift for the player as pollen, honey, or a worker bee. Worker bees will help the player in collecting pollen and making honey. You can invite and play with your friends and also work on each other’s plot by turning on the “Friends Co-Op” setting in the game.

Basic Steps for Beginners | How To Play The Game?

Here are some steps or points that a new player will remember while playing the Roblox Beeface game…

  • Collect pollen from the flowers and make honey in the Honeycomb.
  • New flowers are found when you expand an area and discover new land.
  • Different types and colors of flowers give different amounts of pollen.
  • Eggs are important because they provide some free rewards or gift-like, like pollen, honey, and bees.
  • Worker bees collect pollen from a flower and convert that to honey.
  • Honey can be said the main currency of the game because you can expand the area and enter the next world with honey.

Different Bees In “Beeface: Be A Bee”

This game has come with Seven types of “Worker bees” till now. Each of them has different colors as well as unique abilities.

  1. Common Bee
  2. Epic Bee
  3. Mythical Bee
  4. Rare Bee
  5. Legendary Bee
  6. Divine Bee
  7. Enchanted Bee
Yellow Bee (Worker Bee)Common
Cyan Bee (Golden Crown)Mythical
Enchanted BeeRare
Orange BeeRare
Pink BeeLegendary
Red BeeEpic
White BeeDivine

Worker Bee has different color variations in the game. To get a bee, the player has to hatch or break an egg that’ll lead him to have a bee. When the player gets a bee, it will help him to collect more pollen and honey. While bees collect pollen from a particular color flower, for example, the red bees will collect pollen from red flowers and the yellow bees will collect from yellow flowers.

Enchanted Bee

The “Enchanted bee” is the rarest bee in the game. Although, it is one of the fastest bees with extremely fast pollen-collecting speed. While players can get this bee from the legendary egg. It has four dragon-shaped wings, which gives her more speed.

Divine Bee

The Divine bee is also a rare bee but not as rare as the “Enchanted bee” and it wears the “Super Super Happy Face” as the face. You can get this bee from Epic egg. It is a white color bee with a gold halo on its head and it is the only bee in the game that can glow. It also moves fast and collects pollen with super fast speed as compared to other common bees.

Note: When you travel to another world your worker bees of the previous world will not come with you, because they belong to that world, not to the new world. While your top bees (Mythical and Legendary) will follow you to the next new world.

Below are some characteristics and purposes of Bees in the Beeface game…

  • Bees collect pollen and make honey.
  • Each bee has its own speed of collecting pollen.
  • Some bees collect pollen from specific flowers like the red bee collects only from red, purple, and blue flowers.
  • After collecting the pollen, they move through the edge of the field or area.
  • Sometimes, they can irritate you in coming your way.

All “BeeFace” Bee Eggs

There is a total of 6 types of eggs in the Roblox BeeFace game. Eggs are the most important part of the game because they give you sometimes worker bees, pollen, and honey as a reward. These eggs can be found when you will spend honey for a new honeycomb and it could be one of the 6 eggs, we mentioned below. As your “honeycomb” plot will increase, the more honey it requires.

  1. Common Egg
  2. Epic Egg
  3. Rare Egg
  4. Legendary Egg
  5. Surprise Egg
  6. Random Egg

However, You can buy eggs and more bee slots for more worker bees in the game.

Common Egg

This is the most common egg in the game that needs less honey to hatch. It produces mostly worker bees of different colors such as Yellow, Orange, and Red.

Epic Egg

As its name tells, it produces mostly the best worker bees such as Pink and Red bees. While this egg required more honey to hatch. You can get a Pink bee (legendary bee) in Candy land (World 4).

Rare Egg

This is the most honey-demanding egg in the BeeFace game that requires 2132 honey to hatch. It can give you rare bees as well as some flower pollen as a reward.

Surprise Egg

This egg can give surprise you when you will hatch it. Because it can produce a worker bee or lots of free honey. The surprise egg has light blue circular spots with white background.

How-To Travel In BeeFace Game?

To travel in different worlds in Roblox “BeeFace”, you have to first complete your “World 1” plot as you see in the given picture below. Where my first-world plot has been completed. Now break the last purple egg to open a portal and then, you can travel to the next world.

How-To Travel In BeeFace Game
Travel In BeeFace

There is a total of 31 worlds in the “BeeFace” game right now where you can travel and collect pollen to make lots of honey. Each world has different themes and shapes, for example, world 1 has a green theme where you can see pine trees, sunflowers, red roses, pink roses, etc. While world 2 has a desert theme with lots of cactus and coconut trees.

All Game Worlds List To Travel…

  1. Bee Meadows (World 1)
  2. Desert Oasis (World 2)
  3. Winter Wonderland (World 3)
  4. Candy Land (World 4)
  5. Jungle Route (World 5)
  6. Moon Landing (World 6)
  7. Toy Room (World 7)
  8. Enchanted Forest (World 8)
  9. Ocean Breeze (World 9)
  10. Fast Food Joint (World 10)
  11. Grave Yard (World 11)
  12. Music Land (World 12)
  13. School Supplies (World 13)
  14. Farm Life (World 14)
  15. Volcanic Valley (World 15)
  16. Toxic Wasteland (World 16)
  17. Beach Vacation (World 17)
  18. Gold Galore (World 18)
  19. Noob World (World 19)
  20. Ice Cream Parlor (World 20)
  21. Sports Center (World 21)
  22. Disco Fever (World 22)
  23. Fruit Market (World 23)
  24. Science Lab (World 24)
  25. Sakura Season (World 25)
  26. Arctic Expedition (World 26)
  27. Vegetable Farm (World 27)
  28. Ancient Isle (World 28)
  29. City Street (World 29)
  30. Birthday Party (World 30)
  31. Gold Mine (World 31)

Game Upgrades!

There are so many game upgrades in the “Beeface” with you can upgrade your worker bee speed, honey conversion rate, player speed, worker bee capacity, etc.

Player SpeedIncreases Player speed by 1xHoney
Beehive Honey Conversion RateWill increase your honey conversion rateHoney
Worker SpeedIncreases all worker bee speedHoney
Worker CapacityThis will boost the bee’s pollen capacityWill Unlock At World 3 For New Player

Item Shop: Roblox BeeFace

Now, you can buy lots of honey, eggs, and other miscellaneous items from the item shop…

HoneyPriceEggsPriceMisc (Miscellaneous)Price
3.34M Honey40 RobuxCommon Egg100 RobuxExtra Bee Slot500 Robux
12.5M Honey120 RobuxRare Egg330 Robux2x Honey (10 Min) You+Workers300 Robux
41.7M Honey360 RobuxEpic Egg770 Robux5x Honey (10 Min) You+Workers750 Robux
125M Honey1000 RobuxLegendary Egg1400 Robux10x Honey (10 Min) You+Workers1500 Robux
250M Honey1800 RobuxRandom Egg76.8M HoneyAuto Convert Pollen To honey360 Robux
500M Honey3200 RobuxInstant build (Instantly open tiles and eggs when you touch them)360 Robux
Gold Stinger (Instantly collect flowers when you touch them)360 Robux

Game Description!

  • Experience the busy life of a bee!
  • Collect pollen, turn it into honey and expand your plot!
  • Thousands of flowers await you!
  • Show your skills and become the Queen Bee!

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