Shindo Life Elements List and Moves

Hello there! Welcome to our post containing a complete list of Shindo Life elements with their move set. Playing Shindo Life without these elements provides you no special abilities or powers. There are a total of five elements in the game with different moves and styles.

In this post, we’ll discuss all the elements and how to get them. Each element has its own moves and powers that you’ll know here. You can also use some of the Bloodlines and Ninja tools with these elements for mass damage. So, just stay with us till the end of the post and get it all. The five all best elements in Shindo Life game are…

Shindo Life Elements
Shindo Life Elements
  • Air
  • Flame
  • Liquid
  • Shock
  • Stone

Air Element

Air is the Basic element in the game with different styles. It has a rarity of 1/5 when you roll the elements. Players can perform 6 different moves with the air element that are given below…

MoveRequired LevelPrice (Chakra)Cooldown Time
Bullet Rush272108 Seconds
Wind Cutter12055012 Seconds
Blast2601,55016 Seconds
Vortex3202,00022 Seconds
Palm Blast38020,00030 Seconds
Tornado46020,00035 Seconds

Flame Element

Flame is a good element with a rarity of 1/5. You can use this element for long range and perform good combos of moves. Here are all the moves that you can perform with this element…

MoveRequired LevelPrice (Chakra)Cooldown Time
Fire Bullet203,0008 Seconds
Phoenix Rising1208,00016 Seconds
Grand Flameball29016,50016 Seconds
Flame Breath36016,00022 Seconds
Dragon Bullet35023,00035 Seconds
Dragon Bomb47023,00035 Seconds

Liquid Element

Liquid is a good element in Shindo life because it is very useful in slowing down the opponent. It has a rarity of 1/5. Players can perform the following six moves with this element…

MoveRequired LevelPrice (Chakra)Cooldown Time
Waterball254,0008 Seconds
Raging Waves1357,80015 Seconds
Shark Blitz26016,00016 Seconds
Wave33020,00020 Seconds
Prison42027,00025 Seconds
Dragon46530,00035 Seconds

Shock Element

Shock element is a good element that provides good damage to your opponent. It has a rarity of 1/5. Here are all moves that you can perform with this element…

MoveRequired LevelPrice (Chakra)Cooldown Time
Electro Control254,0008 Seconds
Blast1359,00015 Seconds
Senbon26022,00020 Seconds
Stream33020,00022 Seconds
Thunder Rain36023,00030 Seconds
Dragon Bomb44030,00035 Seconds

Stone Element

This element is very good at diverting your opponent by creating some obstacles in their way. It has a rarity of 1/5 with the following moves and styles with the stone element…

MoveRequired LevelPrice (Chakra)Cooldown Time
Earth Wall203,0008 Seconds
Stone Barrage1408,00012 Seconds
Earth Barrier26016,00016 Seconds
Rage Trail32018,00022 Seconds
Earth Pillars38020,00030 Seconds
Earth Dragon46020,00035 Seconds

How To Change Element In Shindo Life?

Changing elements in Shindo Life game is very easy. You can do it by following the given steps…

  • Firstly, open the game on your device.
  • Visit the edit section of the game where you can customize your character.
  • Click on the elements button to open the element menu.
  • Now select the “Click here to Spin” option in the menu and acquire an element in the game.

Note: If you are out of spins then you can check our Shindo Life Codes post to get some spins. For more information about the game, check Shindo Life Wiki.