The Grounded Pond Lab Quest Guide | Fish Bowl BURG.L chip

This article contains a complete guide of the Pond Lab Quest in the grounded game. The pond lab is another hidden place under the water in the Grounded Game that you have to find out. To enter this lab, you have to go through different difficulties and fight some insects. We’ll also discuss how to find the lab entrance and the locked lab. There are many other things that you’ll also discover while doing this quest. You just have to be patient for some time and read all the things below carefully.

Before doing this quest, gather some Important Underwater Tools. You’ll need these tools because you’ll face some difficulties underwater. Here is the list of tools that you must have for this quest…

  • Slime Lantern [Useful In Dark places]
  • Bone Trident or Dagger [Useful to Kill Some Insects]
  • Bubble Helmet [Useful In Breathing Underwater]

The Pond Lab Map Location

Pond Lab Map Location in Grounded Game
Pond Lab Map Location

Here is the location of the Pond Lab on the map of the Grounded game. But you have to find a way to reach this lab that we’ll discuss here.

The Pond Lab Entrance

Grounded Pond Lab Entrance
Grounded Pond Lab Entrance

To enter the lab, dive into the pond and search for the T-Rex in the Depths first.
Keep in mind that while you are doing this quest, “Find a way to the Pond Depths” is written on the left side of your game screen. To reach T-Rex, you can see its location on the above-given map. When you reach the pond depths, there are some sunken bones and an entrance to the Pond Lab on the left side of the T-Rex. There is also a cracked pipe near the T-Rex where you can fill your bubble helmet with oxygen.

Reaching the depths will change your current task to “Explore the Depths“. Take the way on the left side and reach the underwater lab. When you reach there, you’ll find out that the lab is in bad condition and the Power supply is cut. There are also some switches that are turned off and the Lab door is locked. Your job now is to turn on the power supply and open the lab door.

Opening The Pond Lab Door
Opening The Pond Lab Door

Opening The Pond Lab Door Quest In Grounded

When you reach the lab, there is a broken lab part straight to the locked door. Go in there and take left to reach the computer that’ll allow you to turn on all the breakers. There is also a bed in this lab part where you can sleep at night. Now, turn on all three dials or breakers to open the lab door.

How To Turn on the three Breakers or Dials?

Three Breakers or Dials Location In Grounded
Three Breakers or Dials Location In Grounded

The first breaker is located just below the computer room and visible from there. The next breaker is in the other broken lab part. To reach there, just go outside the computer room straight down. You’ll see a light there, that is the breaker. Find the way to the breaker and turn it on. The Last breaker is behind a light just above the broken lab section.

After turning on all the dials, you’ll open the closed lab door and can go inside the lab.

Inside the Lab

When you are inside the lab, there are four doors in this part of the lab and only one door is open. Go inside the room and take left, you’ll find an analyzer with a brain-like structure known as “Muscle Sprout”. You have to go there underwater from the room on the left side. Because the computer room is locked. Use the Lantern and dive into the dug floor in the room. This path will take you out to the computer room. Access the computer thereby entering the mash keys. It’ll say that ‘Reboot the Biodome Computer”.

Now, go back to the lab where you have entered first. You’ll see that all the doors are open there and Robots are roaming. Fight with those robots using your tools and knock them out. After that, take the way to the Biodome lab section. On the path of Biodome, you will see that there are footprints of another man. When you reach Biodome lab, you’ll find some important documents and logs there.

How To Rebooting the Computer in Biodome Lab?

Rebooting the Computer in Biodome Lab
Rebooting the Computer in Biodome Lab

The Biodome lab’s computer is placed on the top section of the pond lab. To reboot the computer in the Biodome lab, you need to take the stairs to reach the top part of the lab. Access the computer and it’ll open the outer section of the dome and allow you to enter from there. Don’t forget to pick up the Fish Bowl Pond BURG.L chip on the chair near the computer. You’ll also find a lot of muscle sprouts there that you can use in making some smoothie recipes to increase your health and stamina.

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