Roblox Adopt Me All Potions List

Potions are consumable things in the Roblox Adopt Me game. If you consume them or feed them to your pet will obtain the desired effect. Adopt Me has moved its Potions shop to the Sky Castle in the previous “Sky Castle” game update. Now you can find all potions in the Sky Castle.

Potions help players to make mutations in their pets to make them stronger, permanently ridable, flyable, and translucent. Now we know what are the potion and what they do but we don’t know that, how to get them, so let’s see. To get all potions, you need to go to “sky castle” first then you can buy a potion.

How-To Reach At Sky Castle?

First, go to the adoption land and find captain “Arg” near the bridge. Captain Arg is the owner of a hot air balloon. Press the “E” button to interact with the captain to book a balloon ride, you can fly a balloon for $5 bucks. Now wait for its departure time, it will fly when a few more players book the ride. It has many stops during the ride its first stop is Sky castle and after a few seconds, it flies to the next stop. After reaching sky castle the ride will stop and players can jump from the balloon to enter the castle.

All Adopt Me Potions List For Pets

Here is the list of all potions, you can purchase in the sky castle to make mutations in your pets.

Grow PotionUse this potion to make your avatar taller$395
Small Sip PotionFeed this to a pet to make it temporary smaller$250
Big Brew PotionYou and your pet will feel a little bit hangover$350
Anti-Gravity PotionFeed this to a pet to make him anti-gravitational$99
Horse Magic Ride Potion Feed this potion to a pet to make it permanently rideable $150
Magic Fly PotionFeed this potion to a pet to make it permanently flyable $295
Translucent Tea PotionUse this potion to make your pet translucent$600
Hyperspeed PotionUse this potion to make your avatar faster$40
Big Head PotionMake your Avatar Head big$10
Levitation PotionIt will levitate you for a while$900
Water Walking PotionIt allows you to walk on water when consumed$80

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