All Shindo Life Chat Commands List

Welcome, back gamers! This time the NeedForGaming is presenting the All Shindo Life Chat Commands list. There are lots of commands in the Shindo life game, for example, training ground commands, war server commands, emote commands, and village band symbol commands.

Shindo Life Chat Commands List

All of these commands work in the chat room section. Just write the command as they are mentioned below and activate the cheat.

Village Commands List

The “!village” commands are used to change the band symbol of the villages you want to.

!village emberChange band symbol to ember village
!village hazeChange band symbol to haze village
!village obeliskChange band symbol to obelisk village
!village nimbusChange band symbol to nimbus village
!village dunesChange band symbol to dunes village
!rouge onKage Command On
!rogue offKage Command Off
!acc [player name]Accepts invite that was sent to you by the other player
!accd [player name]Accepts the duel invitation from other players
!beserkThis command allows users to automatically attack nearby targets with melee attacks and the Z and Q specs
!cancelExit from the current mission
!cdogChanges the color of Okami’s bloodline [Cost 25 Robux]
!cmdsShows a complete list of all game commands
!ccmdsCloses command list
!cdogChange the color of Okami’s dog [Cost 25 Robux]
!duel [player name]You can play as a duels player (works only when both of you are on a pad)
!ffonFriendly Fire on
!ffoffFriendly Fire off
!inv [player name]Type this command with the player name to invite them
!1v1 [player name]1vs1 Train
!kick [player name]To Kick a plyer (enter the player name to give a kick)
!nameit will change your roleplay name
!leaveTo Leave a Squad Team
!spiritThis command allows the user to customize their “Tailed” Spirit’s appearance and color. A Tailed Spirit mode must be active to work for this command
!spirit offIt will exit “Tailed” Spirit’s customization room
!squadTo Make a squad team
!TentacionActivates “Tentacion” Mode for Tailed Spirits (But you will lose your “Tailed Spirit” so do it on your own)
!topadTp to Cpad

Shindo Life Training Chat Commands List

To train your Shindo game character use these training commands to make the best warrior.

!beginTo begin a Noob training
!bellTo begin a Bell training
!cpadsTo create a training center
!endTo end a running training
!infTo get information about the training
!ktrain [Player Name]To start a Kunai training with a player
!pushupTo start a push-up training exercise
!rewardTo check your training reward
!treejumpTo start a tree jump training exercise
!tmTo start a TDM training

War Server Exclusive Commands List

!endgameTo end a running war
!despawnTo undo the spawn location
!game tdm, elimTo start a TDM and Elim War
!spawn [map name]To spawn any map location by putting the map name
!spawn teamTo spawn a team
!team1/2To reduce team by 1/2

Shindo Life Emote Commands List

/e ateaseYour character will put his hands behind his back
/e bowYour character bows like a warrior bows to start a duel
/e danceYour character will do a dance by swinging his arms and legs
/e kneelYour character will kneel in defeat
/e leanYour character will do a cool-looking wall pose
/e pushupYour character will do a pushup with one hand
/e raisehandYour character will raise his hand
/e sitYour character will sit
/e sleepYour character will sleep
/e waveCharacter’s Waves

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