Where To Find Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip in Grounded

The Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip aka Outpost Chip is one of the missing BURG.l Chips in the grounded game. As you know, BURG.L always tries to keep you busy in the game by providing some daily quests and tasks. The “Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip” part of the BURG.L Quest. In this guide, we will tell you the location of the “Sunken Treasure BURG. Chip” and the Mossy key, which unlocks the treasure chest.

Grounded Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip Location
Sunken BURG.L Chip Location

You can find the Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip in Pond depth inside a treasure chest. As you see we have already shown the chip location on the Map. The treasure chest is near the T-Rex toy and on the way to the Pond lab. But first, you have to find out the Mossy key. The Mossy key is the important item that unlocks the Sunken Treasure chest of the Pond lab.

Finding The Mossy Key | Mossy Key Location

The Mossy key is hidden somewhere below the pond lab. So, you must reach the underwater Pond Lab first and turn on all the dials to unlock the Lab door. If you don’t know how to unlock the door then we have made a separate article Pond Lab Quest guide, you can check that. When you reach the lab, there is a hidden cave under the light shown in the image.

Sunken Treasure Chip Key Location
Sunken Treasure Chip Key Location

When you enter this cave, equip the underwater Lantern and a weapon. Diving Bell Spiders lurk here, and you might need to fight them to proceed. The cave has many turns, so don’t get lost. At the end of the cave, you’ll find a pipe that provides oxygen.

Sunken Treasure Chip Mossy Key
Mossy Key

The “Mossy Key” is under the pipe, pick it up and get out of the cave.

Opening Of The Sunken Treasure Chest

Opening of the Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest

After getting the key, go to the treasure chest near the T-Rex toy. When you reach there, use the Mossy Key on one of the chests. Inside the chest, you’ll find the “Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip.” Now your work is simple: get the chip and return it to BURG.L in exchange for Raw Science.

That’s all! We hope this guide has helped you find the “Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip” for BURG.L.

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