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The Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip aka Outpost Chip is the 7th BURG.L chip in the grounded game. As you know, BURG.L (The Robot) always tries to keep you busy during the gameplay by providing some daily quests and tasks. The “Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip” quest is also very interesting and we hope that you are going to like this one too. This article will help you with the location of the “Sunken Treasure Chip” as well as the “Mossy” key of the treasure chest.

Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip Location

Grounded Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip Location

This is the key location of the “Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip ” chest on the map as you see. It is just near to the T-Rex toy and on the way to the Pond lab. But first, you have to find out the Mossy key that unlocks this chest.

Sunken Treasure Chest Key Location | Mossy Key

The Chest key aka Mossy key is hidden somewhere below the pond lab. So, you need to reach the underwater Pond Lab first and turn on all the dials to unlock the Lab door. If you don’t know how to unlock the door then we have made a separate article “Pond Lab Quest” guide, you can check that. When you reach the lab, there is a hidden cave under this light shown in the image.

Sunken Treasure Chip Key Location
Sunken Treasure Chip Key Location

When you enter this cave, equip the underwater Lantern and a weapon. This is because you may face some Diving Bell Spiders in this cave. It may possible that you have to fight with them to go ahead. There are many turns in this cave, so don’t get puzzled about where you are heading to. When you reach the last point of the cave, you’ll find a pipe there and you can also get oxygen from this pipe.

Sunken Treasure Chip Mossy Key
Mossy Key

The “Mossy Key” is under the pipe, pick it up and get out of the cave.

Opening Of The Treasure Chest

After getting the key, go back to the treasure chest near the T-Rex toy. When you reach there, use the key to unlock this chest and open it. Where you’ll find the “Sunken Treasure BURG.L Chip” inside the chest. Now your work is simple, get the chip and return it to BURG.L in exchange for Raw Science.

Opening of the Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest

That’s all! We hope that this guide has helped you. If you have any other queries regarding the post then drop your comments below. We’ll be happy in helping you.

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