The Hedge BroodMother Boss | Grounded Guide

The BroodMother is the first aggressive and terrifying boss creature in the game which was introduced in the “Shroom and Doom” update on June 30, 2021. You can find her lair at the hedge lab location somewhere between the tree branches. Once you entered her lair, there is no way out because either you kill her or she will kill you.

The Broodmother lives in the large berry tree, which is located near the crow bird bathtub. Once you reach there, go ahead towards the hedge lab where you will see a large “Flingman Flying Disc” landmark.

The Flingman Flying Disc in the Grounded game.
Flingman Flying Disc

Now try to reach the “Flingman Flying Disc” using a ladder structure. After reaching there look out for a winding berry’s tree branch. It will lead you to the BroodMother’s lair. However, the lair is filled with lots of dead aunts and web fiber. After entering the lair, you will be surrounded by sudden darkness so light up your torch.

Now you are in the lair of BroodMother boss but she will not be there because players need to summon her first.

How-To Summon The Hedge BroodMother?

To summon the Broodmother boss, you need to oven the “BroodMother BLT” recipe. This recipe requires…

All ingredients list that require to craft the "BroodMother BLT" Tool.
broodmother BLT Recipes
  • Two bombardier parts
  • Two ladybug parts
  • One thistle needle

Once you have all these ingredients, cook the “BroodMother BLT” recipe in the oven. Now you have the “BroodMother BLT” tool, place it within the cluster of eggs situated on the backside of the lair. Finally, the BroodMother boss will appear there and you can kill her for her body parts.

Note: – Wo… Wo… Wait for the “BLT” recipe, you need to discover “BroodMother” Research Notes first.

Where To Find BroodMother Research Notes?

To obtain research notes, look outside the areas where the hedge lab is situated. There you will see a ball-like structure post where two poles hold it up with tree branches.

The BroodMother's Research Notes Location
Research Notes Location

Now go near the ball post and its door will open automatically. The “BLT” recipe notes are in there, take and you are now able to make the “BroodMother BLT” tool to awaken the BroodMother boss with the help of the oven.

BroodMother’s Loot

After killing her, you will be rewarded with some loot items, which are…

  • +7 Web Fiber
  • +5 Broodmother Chunk
  • +3 Broodmother Fang
  • +1 Broodmother Venom

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