How To Craft Oven In Grounded | Oven Recipe

An oven is a utility tool in the “Grounded” game used to bake various resources and tools like Mushroom Brick and “BroodMother BLT“. The players need it mostly to craft “BroodMother BLT” which is a special tool to awaken the Hedge lab’s BroodMother boss.

How-To Craft Oven?

To craft an oven, players need three ingredients, which are…

Craft an oven utility in the Grounded game
How To Craft Oven In Grounded Game
  1. 10x Clay – You can find it around the water area near the crow bird bathtub location
  2. 1x Charcoal Chunk
  3. 4x Boling gland – Kill the bombardier beetle

Now you have all the ingredients and just find the perfect spot to craft or construct the oven.

Where To Find Charcoal Chunk?

Visit the north side of the pond area first and then look out for dry grass. Where you will find a glowing material between the dry grasses, which is your Charcoal Chunk. But remember, don’t forget to bring the insect hammer, now collect the Charcoal Chunks as many as you want.

A charcoal chunk is lying on the ground.
Charcoal Chunk

With these ingredients, your oven recipe has to be done. But here is a twist, which is Oven’s recipe because you need to find its recipe first to craft it.

How-To Get Oven Recipe?

To find the oven recipe, players must have the “Haze BURGL” chip, you can find it inside the Haze lab. Once you get the chip, come back to the BURGL robot and give him that chip. After this, trade some raw science in exchange for the oven’s recipe. Now you have the oven recipe and can turn various things into better things.

So in this way you can craft an oven to make some special items in the game.

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