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Hello guys! In this article, you’ll get a complete list of all Workbench Gears and their recipes in the grounded game. Each of these gears has different use and purpose. Although, the crafting procedure of these gears is not so difficult. But, people may find problems adding them to their crafting list. Here, you’ll get the complete list of all gears and how to craft them on the Workbench in very simple steps.

Note: – All these gears can only be crafted on the Workbench. If you don’t know How To Make a workbench then check it out.

All Workbench Gears List

So, let’s take a look at all the workbench gears along with their tier list that you can craft in the Grounded game. However, we will divide gears into three categories, which are…

  1. Head Gears
  2. Upper Body Gears
  3. Lower Body Gears

Head Gears List

Headgears contain caps, face masks, helmets, hoods, headlamps, brim, eye patches, and goggles.

Marksman’s Capx5 Crow Bird Feather, x5 Berry Leather, x5 Silk RopeTier 3
Mask of the Mother Demonx1 Broodmother Fang, x3 Broodmother Chunk, x10 Silk RopeTier 3
Antlion Wide Brimx5 Antlion Part, x3 Silk Rope, x1 Boiling GlandTier 3
Crusty Roly Poly Helmetx5 Sickly Roly Poly Part, x3 Roly-poly shell, x5 Silk RopeTier 3
Ladybug Faceplatex1 Ladybug Head, x2 Ladybug Part, x3 Berry LeatherTier 2
Bee Face Maskx5 Bee Fuzz, x3 Silk Rope, x2 Berry LeatherTier 2
Spider Hoodx2 Spider Fang, x3 Spider Chunk, x2 Berry LeatherTier 2
Firefly Headlampx4 Iridescent Scale, x5 Biolumiscent goop, x3 Berry LeatherTier 2
Koi Scale Helmetx2 Koi Fish Scale, x2 Ealgrass, x2 Lilypad Wax, x3 Silk RopeTier 2
Bubble Helmetx4 Eelgrass, x5 Sunken Bone, x4 Silk RopeTier 2
Black Ant Helmetx1 Black Ant Head, x3 Black Ant Part, x5 Bee FuzzTier 2
Eyepatchx1 Crude Rope, x2 Fiver Bandage, x1 SapTier 1
Mite Hatx5 Mite Buzz, x5 Grub HideTier 1
Acorn Face Maskx1 Acorn Shell, x5 Mite Fuzz, x3 Crude ropeTier 1
Red Ant Helmetx1 Red Ant Head, x3 Red Ant Part, x5 Bee Fuzz Tier 1
Grub Gogglesx3 Grub Hide, x1 Raw Weevil MeatTier 1
Gill Tubex3 Grub Hide, x1 Raw Weevil Meat Tier 0
Gask MAskx1 Weevil Nose,x4 Gnat Fuzz, x2 Crude Rope, x1 Stinkbug PartTier 0
Clover Hoodx4 Clover Leaf, x1 Crude RopeTier 0
Tier 0

Upper Body Gears List

Upper body gears contain breastplate, chest plate, pads, Knee guard, poncho, and vest.

Antlion Ponchox3 Antlion Part, x2 Antlion Pincer, x2 Silk RopeTier 3
Crusty Roly Poly Breastplatex5 Sickly Roly Poly Part, x3 Sickly Roly Poly Shell, x5 Silk RopeTier 3
Ladybug Chestplatex2 Flower Petal, x4 Ladybug part, x3 Berry LeatherTier 2
Bee shoulder padsx4 Bee Fuzz, x1 Bee stinger, x4 Berry LeatherTier 2
Spider Shoulder Guardx5 Spider Chunk, x3 Berry Leather, x4 Silk Rope Tier 2
Koi Scale Chestplatex5 Koi Fish Scale, x3 Ealgrass, x3 Lilypad Wax, x2 Sunken BoneTier 2
Black Ant Chestplate x5 Black Ant Part, Black Ant Mandibles, x2 Bee Fuzz Tier 2
Acorn Chestplate x3 Acorn Shell, x6 Clover Leaf, x4 Crude rope Tier 1
Red Ant Arm Guardsx5 Red Ant Part, x2 Acid Gland, x2 Mite FuzzTier 1
Grub Vestx5 Grub Hide, x2 Grub Goop, x4 Dry Grass ChunksTier 1
Clover Ponchox6 Clover Leaf and x3 Crude RopeTier 0

Lower Body Gears List

Antlion Spursx6 Antlion Part, x1 Antlion Pincer, x3 Bee FuzzTier 3
Crusty Roly Poly Legplates x5 Sickly Roly Poly Part, x3 Sickly Roly Poly Shell, x5 Silk Rope Tier 3
Ladybug Shin Guards x4 Flower Petal, x5 Ladybug part, x5 Berry Leather Tier 2
Bee Shin Guards x4 Bee Fuzz, x4 Silk Rope, x4 Berry Leather Tier 2
Spider Knee Padx4 Spider Chunk, x2 Berry Leather, x4 Silk Rope Tier 2
Koi Scale Greavesx3 Koi Fish Scale, x2 Ealgrass, x2 Lilypad Wax, x3 Sunken Bone Tier 2
Black Ant Legplatesx6 Black Ant Part, x2 Silk Rope, x4 Bee FuzzTier 2
Aphid Slipperx2 Raw Aphid Meat, x10 Mite FuzzTier 1
Acorn Leg Platesx2 Acor Shell, x4 Sap, x4 Crude RopeTier 1
Red Ant Knee Guardx6 Red Ant Part, x2 Crude Rope, x4 Mite Fuzz Tier 1
Grub Leggingx4 Grub Hide, x4 Dry Grass, x2 Mite FuzzTier 1
Fin Flopsx4 Water Boatman Fin, x2 Eelgrass, x2 LilywaxTier 1
Clover Shin Guardsx3 Clover Leaf, x2 Crude Rope, x2 SprigTier 0

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