How To Craft Marksman’s Cap in Grounded

In this post, we will Discover the recipe and requirements for crafting the Marksman’s Cap in the game Grounded, a finely crafted hat adorned with an inky black strand of Crow feather. Get tips on how to find and gather Crow feathers for crafting. The Marksman’s Cap is a finely crafted hat adorned with an inky black strand of Crow feather. Well suited for the hero that strikes from afar.

With the addition of the new bird Crow in Grounded, you can Craft more items in the game now. The Crow drops its feather that you have to collect for the crafting of the cap. This cap can also be helpful for defense purposes.

Items Require for Marksman’s Cap

You will need the following items for the crafting of the Marksman’s Cap…

  • 3 Crow Feather Piece
  • 5 Berry Leather
  • 5 Spider Web

For the Crow Feather piece, you need a Tier 2 Insect Axe to chop the Crow Feather. You can find the Crow Feather at various places in the game.
It is not necessary that you get more than one feather in a single day. You need to wait and search continue for the feather.

For the Berry Leather, you have to find a lot of Berry Chunks that can be obtained from Berry. You can easily find them near the Berry bushes on the South-East of the map. Chop these berries with the Tier 2 Insect Axe.

For the Spider Web, you just need a chopping tool to take the webs down. You can find these webs near Oaktree and the lake. So, collect them to craft the cap.

Craft Marksman’s Cap


Firstly, this crafting will require a Workbench, so craft one first. After that, follow the given steps…

  1. Go to the Workbench first.
  2. Open the crafting menu of the Workbench Gears.
  3. Select the Marksman’s Cap from the gears.
  4. If you have collected all the items above then click on the “Craft” button.
  5. After crafting, check your inventory for the Cap.
  6. Your cap is now ready to wear.

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