How To Tame An Aphid In Grounded Game

An aphid is a small sap-eating insect in the Grounded game that lives under the grass leaves, and on the new flower’s buds. Till now we see an aphid as a meat meal in the game but in the “Shroom & Doom” update, you can now tame an aphid and make it your pet.

In this tutorial, you will also know all about an Aphid, such as where to find it, how to tame it, and how to cook it to satisfy hunger.

How To Tame An Aphid?

Tame an aphid isn’t an easy task because they are the shyest animals in the game. If you move close to them, they run away and climb on the grass leaves. So be careful when you try to tame them.

Mushroom Stacks at ground
Mushroom Stacks

To tame an aphid, you need to collect some mushroom stacks and then search for an aphid near the crow bird location. However, Aphids are everywhere in the game, but you need to find a place where they are in the majority number. Due to their shy nature, a single Aphid can run away quickly, and then you won’t be able to locate it again. So try to locate an area where they are too many.

Step By Step Points To Tame An Aphid

  • Firstly, search for an Aphid around the places like Oaktree, Crow bird bathtub, and near the mysterious machine.
  • After locating an Aphid, you need to make some distance from him, otherwise, you will lose him.
  • Secondly, drop some mushroom stacks between 2-3 stacks around him and then let them eat it.
  • When it eats some mushroom stacks, you can now tame it and make it your pet.

Note: This guide also works for “Weevils” animals in the Grounded game.

How To Cook An Aphid?

A roasted Aphid
A Roasted Aphid

Strange isn’t, we talked about above how to tame it, and now we are talking about how to cook it. We are telling you this because an Aphid is a great source of meals in the “Grounded” game. You can kill and cook it with the help of the “Roasting Spit” tool which is also helpful to illuminate the darkness. You can craft a roasting spit using the following ingredients…

  1. 4x Pebblet
  2. 4x Sprig
  3. 3x Dry Grass Chunk

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