How To Get Berry Leather in Grounded

Berry is an important constituent of different underwater tools and armor in the Grounded game. You can craft berry leather from the raw berry. In this post, we will tell you where you can find the berry and how to get leather from them.

Where To Find Berry Bush in Grounded?

Finding berries in the Grounded game is not so difficult if you know the location of the berry. We are providing the location of the berry bush where you will find a lot of berries. This location is at the extreme right of the bottom of the map as located in the image.

Berry Bush Location

You can find a bunch of berries near these bushes. Berry is like a fruit that you can get from the branch of a tree. Some of these are also scattered on the ground. So, you can also collect them from the ground.

How To Make Berry Leather From a Raw Berry?

Raw Berry

Making leather from berries is pretty much easy. For that, you need a Pebblet Axe or another chopping tool to break the berry into berry chunks. You will get three berry chunks by breaking one berry.

When you have collected enough chunks from the berries then go to the Research center. Now analyze these chunks to get leather and get more crafting ideas. There is a research center available near these bushes and one at the Berry tree.

Once you get the berry leather, you can craft different items such as helmets, chest armor, and leg guard. It is also useful in repairing tools and armor when they get damaged.

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