How To Get Weed Stem in Grounded Game?

The Weed stem is an important material in the game “Grounded”. Finding the weed stem in grounded will not remain difficult if you follow this guide completely and attentively.

Weed is an important constituent for many items like traps, bases, and many more. If you want to build a Base for yourself, it will require a lot of weed stems for its construction. There will be no difficulty in finding the Weed stem after reading this guide.

Where To Find Weed Stem in Grounded?

Weed Plant

You can find weed stem in many places but firstly you have to know what it looks like. We are providing images of the Weed Plant which will help you in recognizing it. The weed plant’s stem is red in color and this makes it easy to find in the ground. Now you have a weed plant and chop it with the Axe and get the weed stem.

You need to know that cutting a weed stem requires an upgraded tool. It means that you have to upgrade your Axe or another chopping tool first. If you don’t have one, there is nothing to worry about. We are here to solve that problem of yours.

For weed stems, you will need a chopping tool of any level because it is mandatory. If you don’t have one then craft it first or you can check our post ‘How to Craft Pebblet Axe in Grounded’.


When you have got the Axe then look for Dandelion Plant. You will find no extra effort in finding this plant because it is available on every side of the game. When you find one, use your Chopping tool to chop it and get the Weed stem. If you need more weed stems, you can cut dandelions to have them.

We hope that this guide will help you to find the Weed stem. Now, craft more interesting things and make your world more beautiful in the game.

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