How To Craft Insect Bow In Grounded

In this post, we will tell the “How to get or craft Insect Bow in the Grounded” game. As the Tier 1 bow does not require any insect parts but you need to collect some to upgrade the bow. For that, you need to terminate some spiders for their parts. In the upcoming post, we will tell you that which part of the spider you need to upgrade the insect bow. So, read the guide completely to successfully upgrade your bow.

How To Craft Insect Bow In Grounded?

How To Craft Insect Bow In Grounded
Craft Insect Bow

You will require the following items to upgrade the bow…

  • 2 Spider Chunk
  • 2 Spider Fang
  • 2x Spider Silk

For Spider Fang, you need to kill a “Wolf Spider” which is not an easy task in the Grounded game. But it will be easy for you if you apply some techniques during the fight with Wolf spiders. Firstly hit the spider, so that it will come to attack you. Now, find a place with lots of grass where the spider will have a problem targeting you. And you can easily hit him with the Pebblet Axe or the Spear. While if you face any problems further then check out our post on How to kill Wolf Spider in Grounded.

Whereas Spider Chunks can be obtained from Orb Weaver Spider, which is a small species of Wolf Spider. For the Spider silk, you need to find a spider web that can give you silk. You can find such types of webs near the lake or in the spider cave. Stay alert of the spiders over there because they can tear you apart in no time.

How To Upgrade Bow in grounded

After collecting all the above items, simply go to the research center and analyze all the items. It will give you more crafting ideas and adds the Insect Bow to your crafting list.

Now, you need a Workbench on which you can upgrade the bow. If you don’t have one check out our post “How To Craft Workbench in Grounded”.

Go to the Workbench now and open the workbench crafting menu. Select the Insect Bow and click on the Craft button. After crafting it, check your inventory for your new Insect Bow. You can shoot the insects from distance and deal more damage to them.

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