Where To Find Hidden Grubs (Larva) | Grounded

Finding Grubs is not so difficult but you will need a digging tool like a shovel to dig them out. We will also tell you how to craft shovels in Grounded.

Grubs are important bugs in the game because they can feed you very well and are also used in Canteen. You can also prepare other recipes with the grubs. But, you need to dig them first with a digging tool.

Hidden Grub Location in Grounded?

These Grubs are basically found in the shadow of the Oaktree. First, make your way to the Oaktree and look for grubs there. Now walk under the tree and look in the shadows for small dirt bubbles. When the Grub moves, it creates these bubbles in his way.

Find Grub

Now you need a digging tool to dig it out like a Shovel. If you don’t have a shovel, follow these steps to make a shovel for yours. After that, we will tell How to get hidden grub in Grounded.

First of all collect these things: 2 Sprigs, 1 Woven fiber, and 1 Acorn shell. Sprigs and Woven Fiber are common items, so you can get them easily. But for the Acorn shell, you need to go to Oaktree and look for Acorn Nuts down there. Then use the hammer to break the Nut and get the Acorn Shell.


After collecting all the items, open the Crafting Menu and select the Acorn Shovel from the Tools. Click on the “Craft” button to craft an Acorn shovel.

After collecting all the items then search for the Dirt bubbles and follow them. When they stop at one place, use the Shovel to dig the hidden grub out. You have to kill it with any of your tools before it hides again. Now, collect the grub meat and roast it on the Roasting Spit.

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